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2009-06-05 00:10:28 by Stephen-Kitty

I havent been on newgrounds in so long.
It's mostly because Im sick of the insults I get when people watch my flashes.
If my flashes suck so bad they offend you, then you wasted your time ever watching it and should probably never watches any of my new flashes.
I also was going to upload the Armagedon part 1 but it's unfinished, so I guess I wont.
From now on if anyone wants to see anything, I will probably only post it to the following websites:

Well Yeah.. I just uploaded it. You can also see it on my organization`s website at
and when you click a button, it may skip somewhere then skip somewhere else. Yeah that`s just because it`s loading the pages. so just Wait a couple seconds or mins before you click anything so the frames can load.

Catwiskers Explore The World Volume 1


2008-09-28 01:13:51 by Stephen-Kitty

Ok so i uploaded one of my vids, It was stephen-kitty gone nuts i think the name was... yeah and now it`s gone!! It suddenly got deleted!!! like wtf?!!?!?
But yet the flash is uploaded... it just doesnt show in public.... click here to see the vid.